Dropless Laser Cataract Surgery

Monday, January 5, 2015

Dropless Laser Cataract Surgery

“During the past 30 years cataract surgeons have positively impacted patient satisfaction through advances in technology, procedures and techniques to improve the safety, efficacy and predictability of cataract and lens implant surgery. Today, Dropless Laser Cataract Surgery appears to give us the opportunity to address some key needs of our cataract patients-those of non-compliance and the inconvenience of having to use eye drops after cataract and lens implant surgery,” explained Francis D’Ambrosio Jr., M.D., Medical Director and Founder of D’Ambrosio Eye Care. 

“In terms of compliance, we all have patients that don’t use their eye drops like they’re supposed to and some may not even get or use the drops at all. Many patients can’t afford or don’t remember to use their eye drops after cataract surgery. Sometimes, they or their caretakers are limited by physical factors such as arthritis. Further, compliance can be a comfort issue for some patients because they are sensitive to the preservatives in the post operative eye drops. The good news is that with Dropless Laser Cataract Surgery, I now have the ability to place the medications inside their eyes at the time of their cataract and lens implant surgery, eliminating the need for them to use most if not all of their after surgery medications,” explained Dr. D’Ambrosio Jr. “As a cataract surgeon who works to make eye surgery more comfortable and convenient for patients as well as improving outcomes and results, I am excited to be able bring Dropless Cataract Surgery to Massachusetts patients. This technique along with our integration of the femtosecond laser for cataract surgery gives us the ability to provide world class eye surgery to central and western Massachusetts residents in a close to home and convenient location.”

About Dropless Cataract Surgery
Injectable intraocular drugs can simplify the post-operative process and provide safeguards against bacterial infection and inflammation. They reduce dependence on expensive, topical post-operative eye drop therapy resulting in a significant decrease in the overall cost of the surgical procedure. With Dropless formulations, patients may no longer need to administer multiple topical drops daily thereby largely eliminating patient non-compliance issues. Dropless Therapy has tremendous potential benefit to patients, particularly the physically and economically disadvantaged, along with caregivers, surgeons, staff, and the healthcare system alike.

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