Dry Eye Common after Cataract Surgery

Monday, July 14, 2014

Dry Eye Common after Cataract Surgery

Developing a dry eye after cataract surgery is actually pretty common. Moreover, the incidence of mild to moderate dry eye in a cataract aged population prior to cataract surgery-and exacerbated by cataract surgery makes dry eye a rather common complaint among this group. Patients of cataract age and having cataract surgery should know a little bit about dry eye as this is a somewhat temporary condition they may encounter. Fortunately, dry eye after cataract surgery are a number of helpful solutions.

Dry Eye Incidence
According to the Prospective Health Assessment of Cataract Patients Ocular Surface (PHACO) Study some 60-75% of a cataract aged population has a meaningful deficiency in their tear film testing. Further, although cataract surgery is quite friendly to the cornea, it does require an incision which has the potential to temporarily interrupt corneal nerves responsible for reflex tearing and tear film integrity as well. This along with some of the solutions used during the cataract procedure can indeed result in a dry eye.

Dry Eye Symptoms
The symptoms one might experience could include fluctuations of vision, dryness, grittiness, tearing, burning and a general tiredness as well as an overall sandy feeling. The good news is that for the vast majority of patients with dry eye there are potentially helpful treatment options that include specialized artificial tear lubricants and solutions, tiny punctal plugs to help you retain tears and prescription medication that stimulates production of your own tears. In addition there are more technological approaches such as lasers and other methods to treating underlying blepharitis, eyelid gland problems or eyelid inflammation that can contribute to dry eye as well.

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