Caring for Eyewear & Eyeglasses

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Caring for Eyewear & Eyeglasses

Massachusetts Optician Jocelyn Mylott of D’Ambrosio Eye Care shared information about caring for eyewear and eyeglasses. “Caring for your eyewear is something that most people need to know about. Whenever you have purchased eyewear you need to be sure to properly care for them and this is our “how-to,” said Ms. Mylott.

Cleaning Eyewear
$ Never wipe eyewear dry to prevent scratching
$ Spray lenses using lens cleaner or run them under warm soapy water
$ Wipe dry with provided (washable) micro fiber cleaning cloth or a non-oily/lotion tissue, not paper towel
$ You should try adding cleaning your eyewear to your morning routine
$ Avoid exposure to products such as hairspray

Caring for Eyewear
$ Never expose to extreme heat such as dashboards, showers and saunas
$ Never place eyewear lenses down to prevent scratching
$ When not in use store in provided eyewear case to prevent scratching, crushing from sitting or pet damage, causing your eyewear to need an adjustment
$ Remove and put on eyewear using 2 hands to prevent damage to hinges and lens, especially for rimless frames which could develop stress cracking around the hinge, if not handled appropriately
$ Never leave eyewear on top of your head to prevent damage to the hinges and lenses. This may also require the frame to need an adjustment.

Repair of Eyewear
$ Always bring eyewear to an eyewear professional for repair and nose pad replacement. Home repair could cause loss of warranty and further damage.
$ If eyewear needs adjustment you should never attempt this yourself. This may cause damage to the frame and lens and it will not be properly adjusted, this is especially important for progressive lens wearers’.

We suggest quarterly “tune-ups”.  For eyewear purchased at D’Ambrosio Eye Care feel free to stop by any of our locations for a complimentary adjustment and repair, if needed.  See you then!

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