Why Not Buy Eyewear Eyeglasses Online Why Not Buy Eyewear Eyeglasses Online

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why NOT to Buy Eyewear or Glasses Online

Did you know that in Massachusetts the state regulates that eyewear is a medical device and by law it is required to be fit and dispensed (provided) by a qualified licensed Optician or a registered apprentice? On-line businesses do not follow this regulation, however they are permitted to provide eyewear because they are based outside of state and/or country lines. Your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist is required to provide you the needed binocular pupillary measurement, know as your PD. However, this is a generic measurement that may not result in a pair of eyewear with optimal visual performance, especially if you wear progressive (no-line) lenses or have a difficult prescription.

At D’Ambrosio Eye Care there are several measurements and considerations when customizing a pair of eyewear that includes a monocular pupillary or visual center measurement (VCP), your visual needs, prescription, lens type, frame style, wrap angle, vertex distance, pantoscopic tilt, base curve, head and facial features, the intended use for your eyewear and previous eyewear worn. When fitting eyewear we also make precision adjustments so you are looking through the optical center of the lens. Our Opticians also want your frame to fit properly so they do not slip on your nose, pinch the sides of your head, leave red marks or cause discomfort behind your ears or on your nose. Any of these concerns may cause headaches and/or decreased vision. The human face is not symmetrical left to right so using only your binocular PD will not place the pupils in the visual center of the lens and possibly cause distortion, unwanted prism and headaches. Taking this measurement yourself- as some online stores request you do is tricky-somewhat akin to trying to cut your own hair.

We did our own research on an online competitor and found that once you purchase your eyewear – that you choose without a licensed professional - you have only 10 days to contact them if something isn’t right and, if you are provided a warranty within that timeframe, you have to pay a restocking fee. So when something does go wrong or you need an adjustment they are not going to help you. D’Ambrosio Eye Care offers a no-fee 1-year warranty and we adjust your eyewear at no cost for the life of your purchase, when you purchase with us. Because…to us you are our patient, to them only a customer.

Please stop by any of our optical departments or contact D’Ambrosio Eye Care at 800-325-3937 for more information.