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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LASIK for Contact Lens Problems & Intolerance

“Contact lens problems and intolerance seem to be motivating more and more patients to schedule LASIK consultations these days”, said Massachusetts Corneal Specialist JoAnn C. Chang, M.D. of D’Ambrosio Eye Care.

In fact, contact lens problems and intolerance are the reasons a great many patients seek LASIK Surgery and Laser Vision Correction. “The most common reason for contact lens intolerance that we see is a condition called Giant Papillary Conjunctivitis or GPC”, commented Dr. Chang.

When we wear contact lenses, no matter how successful or diligent we are in their care and replacement, they become coated with mucous and protein from our tears. After a number of years of wearing contacts it is not uncommon to develop an allergy to the protein on the contact lens. Initially this may result in patients having some dry eye symptoms and prompt them to use lubricating eye drops. However, as the GPC contact lens problem continues to progress, patients begin to notice some itch and stringy mucous type discharge from their eyes. After a while the contacts just become too uncomfortable and gritty and patients become intolerant and just can’t wear their contacts.

During a severe episode of GPC, patients may be restricted from wearing their contacts in order to reduce the allergic inflammation of the lids. In some cases, patients are no longer able to wear contacts again at all. Patients with a chronic GPC may decide to have LASIK to correct their vision, so that they no longer need to depend on contacts on a daily basis.

LASIK can be a great option for you to rid yourself of the hassle of contacts and allow you to continue a “glasses free” lifestyle for seeing at distance.

If you or someone you know suffer from any type of contact lens problem and would like to learn more about LASIK, and whether you are a good candidate, please call D’Ambrosio Eye Care at 800-325-3937 for a Free LASIK Consultation. You may also request an appointment at