LASIK Eye Surgery Evaluation D’Ambrosio Eye Care

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lasik Evaluation Expectations

Having LASIK may be an excellent vision correction option for you. However, the only completely reliable way to determine whether Laser Vision Correction or Laser Eye Surgery of any type is going to help you achieve your personal vision correction goals is to have a thorough consultation.

“When we see our patients for LASIK evaluations we are sure to be as thorough as possible,” said D’Ambrosio Eye Care Corneal Specialist and LASIK Surgeon JoAnn C. Chang, M.D.

Your LASIK consultation should consist of a number of clinical tests including:

>Measurement of your uncorrected visual acuity

>Measurement of your visual acuity with your current eyeglasses or contact lenses

>Optical measurement of the current prescription that you are wearing in your eyeglasses and/or a review of your current contact lens prescription

>A thorough review of your medical and eye history, including all prescription and non-prescription medication that you have been or are currently taking

>A refraction-automated or manual-to determine your current prescription

>A topography measurement to digitally map the shape of your cornea

>A pachymetry measurement of the thickness of your cornea

>A measurement of pupil size

>A microscopic evaluation of the health of your cornea and tear film, including testing for dry eyes.

“From this testing, it can be determined whether you should proceed to the final level of testing whereby the actual preoperative measurements are taken for your treatment and a thorough examination of the retina and optic nerve can be performed,” said Dr. Chang.

In addition to the actual clinical testing, your
LASIK evaluation will include a full discussion of LASIK risks, benefits and complications and a thorough analysis of the personal goals and objectives that you feel are important to your success. The best way for you or someone you know to find out if they are a candidate for LASIK is to schedule an evaluation for LASIK at D’Ambrosio Eye Care by calling 800-325-3937.