Thursday, May 12, 2011

Childrens’ Eyeglass Painless Growth Program

D’Ambrosio Eye Care is proud to offer a special “Parent’s Painless Growth Program” in our Optical Departments to assist the parents of children who wear eyeglasses.

Program Details:
Throughout your child’s life their vision is growing and changing, much like the size of their clothes or shoes. For many children, their prescription can change more than once each year until their eyes are fully developed. In cases like this, D’Ambrosio Eye Care recognizes that purchasing a new pair of lenses with each change could become costly to parents, so we offer your child free lens changes for these premature changes that happen earlier than routine eye examinations (up to age 18).

All you need to do is be sure that one of our highly-qualified doctors continues to care for your child’s eyes. If we decide that your child's eyes are outgrowing their lenses, we will change them for FREE!

Please ask any of our Opticians or Optical Department Staff for more information.