What Do You See During Cataract Surgery?

Monday, July 24, 2017

What Do You See During Cataract Surgery?

We always like to take the time to carefully explain all of the things patients having cataract surgery and lens implants might experience during their visit to the surgery center and even during their cataract surgery procedure. In this way we are hopefully helping them relax and have an easy and comfortable experience as we correct their vision. For just about all of our patients having cataract surgery, they are awake and quite aware of what is going on in the operating room. Every once in a while a patient will be curious about what they will actually see during the cataract procedure since they are awake. As this can really vary greatly from patient to patient we were please to find the results of a study that can give patients some guidance of what they might experience.

Patients having cataract surgery were asked to describe the quality of the visual experience as, pleasant, neutral or unpleasant. The group of 200 patients interviewed in the study included an almost even mix of men and woman around the age of 70 years old and as is to be expected, were a bit anxious before the surgery and were given an oral tablet to help them relax. They all reported seeing some gradation of colors including in descending order blue, red, pink, yellow, green, purple, turquoise, and orange with the most common color combination being red-blue light which was most likely from the operating microscope. Most-61% of the light and color experiences during surgery were reported to be pleasant, 38% were neutral and 1% found them transiently unpleasant. Overall the experience of light and colors seen during cataract surgery is mildly pleasant and in fact should reassure patients that the visual experience is actually somewhat calming and relaxing during surgery.

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