Sunday, November 27, 2016

Is Eyelid Surgery Forever?

How Long Does Eyelid Surgery Last?
Rest assured-cosmetic eyelid surgery and the youthful facial rejuvenation it brings-last for many years. Even with the removal of a small amount of eyelid skin and repositioning or removing eyelid fat in your 40’s or 50’s there is typically a considerable rejuvenating effect that will last for many years, during which patients report that they look and feel better. However, aging is a dynamic process, influenced by many factors such as the pull of gravity, sun exposure, and even genetics.

Patients often ask me if they should wait until their condition worsens. My answer is that each person perceives the aging process differently, both psychologically and physically. Most people understandably feel younger than their chronological age but may feel that their appearance does not reflect the way that they feel. Rejuvenating the eye area helps address such common concern.

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