Eye Surgery at Cataract & Laser Center

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Eye Surgery at Cataract & Laser Center

Frances C shared her experience after having cataract surgery:

“When I arrived at the Cataract and Laser Center my eye was marked and confirmed several times. I was very impressed with how thorough the staff was. I was brought into the laser room and noticed some mild pressure but it only lasted a very short time.  I was awake for the entire time but Dr. D’Ambrosio, Jr. talked to me and explained everything that was going on.  

Dr. D'Ambrosio, Jr
Laser Cataract Surgeon

After surgery was done I went home and slept for 3 hours.  Once I woke up I was watching TV and there was a woman wearing a blue dress.  I looked at the blue dress with the eye that had surgery and then the eye that hasn’t had surgery yet and the difference in the color blue was amazing. The eye that was just done earlier in the day was so vivid and bright.  The eye that still has the cataract was so dull and pale. I already noticed a big difference in driving as well. I keep telling my sister how wonderful it went and how great my vision is, I think she is getting tired of hearing about it.

I would recommend this procedure to anyone that is suffering from cataracts, even if you don’t think you are, you will be amazed. Thank you Dr. D’Ambrosio and all of your staff for helping me see so clearly again.”

If you or someone you know has cataracts and is considering cataract surgery, they are encouraged to schedule an eye examination at D’Ambrosio Eye Care by calling us at 800-325-3937, visiting D’Ambrosio Eye Care, Google+ or facebook.com/dambrosioeyecare so that we can help.

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