LASIK Patient Comments.....

Monday, May 11, 2015

LASIK Patient Comments.....

“My contacts were expensive. I would forget to take them out at night, and I would wake up with dry, itchy eyes. Glasses were always in the way…I didn’t like the way they looked or felt.  I play volleyball and participate in CrossFit workouts and found glasses were inconvenient for these sports.

Before the surgery, I was a bit nervous, but I felt like the procedure would be safe and effective.  My questions were answered in appropriate detail, from the procedure itself to the financing options.  I was very excited.  I had heard nothing but positive comments from friends who had had the procedure themselves, so my nervousness was assuaged by the time we were ready to begin.

I was a little anxious during the surgery, but the doctor was quite helpful in explaining each step and what I may expect.  The worst part, strangely enough, was a slight odor that I could smell after the laser-work had begun.  I was pleasantly surprised at the quick pace of the surgery. I felt no pain and was able to get right up and walk to the waiting room when we'd finished.

After the surgery, I felt a little sleepy, but I was very excited as I could actually see better than I had without my glasses previously.  In the days after, I was very excited my continuously improving vision. The staff went over all of the follow-up information that was necessary for me, and I felt confident in going home and taking care of my eyes post-op.  Now, months after the surgery, my vision is better than ever, and I continue to revel in my 20/20 vision.

After LASIK, I save time in the morning getting ready.  It’s a small thing, but to be able to just get up and go is wonderful.  I absolutely LOVE being able to see my clock without putting my glasses on in the morning. Also, not needing to switch out of my glasses or wear contacts when I am tired is great, especially in early morning CrossFit sessions or late-night volleyball matches. J

Stacy Y.

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