Boston Marathon & LASIK

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Boston Marathon & LASIK

I was diagnosed with an eye ulcer in December 2012. After this diagnosis, I was only able to wear contacts on an extremely part-time basis (just a few hours a week). This made training for the 2013 Boston Marathon interesting as I had to wear glasses for most of my training. I felt less certain about my safety as I did not have the peripheral vision in glasses that contacts enabled me. Leading up to my LASIK, I was excited at the idea that I would not need any equipment to see. I was also nervous because my eyes are the only ones I have and what if I was the fluke and something bad happened. During the surgery, I still felt nervous. The surgery itself goes against everything that your brain thinks is normal. My second eye definitely fought it more, but it was a very quick procedure. Dr. D’Ambrosio and the staff were very calm and relaxed throughout the procedure which was comforting. Immediately after the surgery, when I sat up, I could see my mom in the waiting room. By see I mean I could see my mom clearly, not just blobs of color that I knew was her. That is something I had not been able to do in 20 years. Now, it is so nice to run and not have to deal with foggy glasses, and be able to see if I can cross the street without having to turn my whole torso.

Even with the eye ulcer, training for a marathon, and know a handful of people who have had LASIK, I was still nervous about the procedure, and a little freaked out that I would be awake for the procedure. It took me just about a year to finally decide to do it. I wish I had mentally come to terms with it sooner. Life is more enjoyable not having to worry about glasses, contacts, solution, etc. It is also nice when traveling and waking up in the middle of the night in a new place and navigating in the dark.

Michelle T.

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