LASIK Patient Story of Interest

Friday, September 5, 2014

LASIK Patient Story of Interest

I do competitive dressage and before my surgery wearing glasses, they were always slipping down. It was very annoying, but it also sometimes hurt my nose (to have plastic rimmed glasses bouncing on my nose) and it could damage my score at show if I tried to reach up and adjust them while riding.

I was very nervous when I first arrived to have my surgery, I didn’t  know what to expect pain wise, I know everyone kept saying that it won’t hurt, but really who ever believes them!  When I met with Dr. D’Ambrosio, Jr. he was very reassuring and I calmed down some.  I was still very nervous despite the Valium I was given, I worked myself up so much my stomach hurt!  But they said it would only take 5 minutes start to finish once the doctor came in, and when he did start it felt like it went much more quickly!  And, they were right, I didn’t feel anything, and I was being silly for being so nervous!

I felt great after the surgery!  I could see, although it was like looking through water because of all the drops they put in.  I had heard that my eyes would feel gritty, but I didn’t experience that.  They were a little sore right after the surgery, but it was the kind of sore you feel when you’re very tired, it wasn’t bad at all.  A few hours after the surgery, I was taking fake tears for dryness every hour and when it was getting close for the next drop, that’s when it would feel like I had an eyelash in my eye, but as soon as I put the drops in they felt fine.  Other than that, the only other sensation was my eyes felt tired, not sore any more, but just tired, like I didn’t want to focus any more.   Just shut my eyes and take a nap! I think I was more nervous that I would forget my drops or rub my eyes by accident after the surgery than anything else.

The list of things that are better after the surgery is huge!  I think at the top is my horseback riding, I rode 2 days after the surgery and it was great! No glasses falling down, no contacts getting dust in them!  Some of the other activities I found miraculous were watching TV in bed at night and being able to fall asleep without worrying about taking off my glasses and waking up in the morning and being able to see my alarm (well enough to turn it off!!).   My husband also just took me out to a movie and we sat in the back row! I could see everything just fine. J

Overall, I’m thrilled with my new eyes!  I can’t wait to showcase them with some new makeup!  Olivia was wonderful about answering all my questions and following up with me after the surgery to make sure everything was on track.  D’Ambrosio Eye Care was great, I recommend them to anyone thinking of having LASIK; they genuinely care about their patients’ sight and well-being!  I’m so glad my friend recommended them to me!

Jennifer H

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