Freedom after Lens Implant Surgery

Monday, April 14, 2014

Freedom after Lens Implant Surgery

I needed glasses mostly for reading.  I had a pair in every room in the house, in the car and at the office.  The worst part was forgetting glasses when I went shopping or to a restaurant.  I was totally non-functional without glasses. 

I felt fine before the surgery - not nervous at all. I was very excited about having my eyesight corrected. During the surgery, I felt totally comfortable.   I did not feel a thing and even chatted with everyone in the O.R. during the procedure!  Everyone at the surgical center in Gardner was wonderful. 

After the surgery I felt just a little strange for the first few hours that I needed to leave the band aid on my “surgery” eye.  Seeing double made me a little nauseous for the few hours after the band aid came off.  I just napped for a few hours and everything was fine after that.  I was able to read without glasses for the first time that same night!

Mostly my work has been affected because I had prescription glasses for my computer work and prescription glasses for regular reading.  I do a lot of both throughout my work day so it was frustrating before surgery.  Not anymore!!!  FREEDOM!  I can’t wait to see if it improves my golf game in the spring!!! 

The staff, at both Dr. D’Ambrosio’s office and the surgical center, was the best.  Total professionalism, compassion and understanding in all of the prep appointments, the day of surgery and my post op visits.  I would highly recommend every single person that I encountered throughout this procedure!

Catherine F.