A Great Cataract Experience

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Great Cataract Experience

I could write so much but had to stop myself. I feel like a brand new person as I'm able to see colors and read road signs etc. Watch out mall, here I come. The moment I walked into D'Ambrosio eye center for my first eye examination, I knew I made the correct choice. Everyone in the office was not only professional but treated their clients with respect, warmth and friendliness. I felt the same way when I entered the Cataract & Laser Center. I felt welcomed and was treated with the utmost respect. I was greeted with a smiley, friendly receptionist that took some necessary information. She put me at ease immediately. 

I went in the next phase, received my pretty yellow robe along with eye drops and a blood pressure reading, with yet another friendly face, that prepared me for the next step. She explained everything to me and what to expect next. 

Once I was seated, in the most comfortable recliners I ever sat in, several more procedures took place by caring, compassionate nurses that explained every step as they went along. They also made sure I was comfortable and doing okay. I could also ask questions through any of these steps. The last step, surgery itself went smoothly and Dr. Robbins is my new angel. She did a wonderful job. I was comfortable with a nice warm blanket and time went by pretty fast. After surgery, I went back to the recliners and received my instructions and then on my way. I was offered something to drink, eat etc. 

Later that evening Dr. Robbins checked in to see if I was doing okay and to let me know not to hesitate to contact the center, in the event something didn't seem right to me at any moment. 

My experience was wonderful. I felt I was treated extremely well by people that cared and made sure this experience was the best it could be. 

When I first considered eye surgery, I could just barely see; mostly shadows as my eyes were getting progressively worse. I am so amazed that I can even read the smallest type on the eye charts. After my second eye surgery, I was able to see even better. I only need to wear readers for small print.

My husband, who came along with me through the entire experience, is totally pleased with the outcome of the surgery and the professional, courteous treatment he also received during this time.

I'm totally pleased with the eye surgery, the special care I was given, along with the clean friendly environment. The total experience was excellent and I certainly would recommend anyone to go there. 

Thank you to all the participants that made this experience a wonderful one. 

Guest Blogger: Cricket

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