Corneal Thickness Pachymetry Measurement

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Corneal Pachymetry Thickness Measurement

Corneal pachymetry is the measurement of the thickness of the cornea. It can be performed by your eye doctor using a contact method such as ultrasound. After the eye is numbed with a numbing drop, a probe is touched to the surface of the cornea and measures the thickness of the cornea in microns. Noncontact methods of measuring the cornea exist also, such as optical coherence tomography (OCT).

The thickness of the cornea is important to ensure accuracy of the pressure measurement of the eye. The standard method of measuring the intraocular pressure is Goldmann applanation tonometry. If the cornea is thinner than average, Goldmann tonometry may give a falsely low result and the true pressure in the eye may be higher. Alternately, if the cornea is thicker than average, a high pressure reading suggesting a risk for glaucoma may not represent the true internal pressure of the eye, which may be normal. 

A thin cornea can be an independent risk factor for glaucoma, or can be a sign of keratoconus, a condition which can result in progressive thinning of the cornea. Pachymetry can also be used for patients with corneal dystrophies that can result in edema and thickening of the cornea. Pachymetry is also measured prior to refractive surgeries such as LASIK to ensure enough corneal tissue is present to safely perform the treatment. 

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