Boston Eye Care Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Boston Eye Care Electronic Health Records (EHR)

Boston eye care patients will have the benefits of electronic health records at D’Ambrosio Eye care. Francis A. D'Ambrosio, Jr., M.D., Medical Director, Eye Physician & Surgeon at D'Ambrosio Eye Care, explains “With our Electronic Health Records (EHR) system we are able to access patient records remotely and also can utilize mobile applications.” Dr. D’Ambrosio further explains, “This is a great advancement in technology from the days that would require us to physically go into one of our offices to review a patient chart, or transport them from office to office, for a patient visit. This is of particular advantage when one of our optometrists or specialists is on call. It provides a quicker response to the patient or the emergency room doctor, if that is where the call originated.”

D’Ambrosio Eye Care has four office locations within Central Massachusetts and by utilizing EHR, photos and examination results are available to other doctors within the practice immediately.

“It also has eliminated “missing” paper charts and significantly reduced the amount of paper generated at each location, adding to our desire to be more eco-friendly. EHR allows for a seamless transition for all departments whether it is medical eye care, eye surgery, optical and eyewear or billing,” continued Dr. D’Ambrosio, Jr.

Another benefit is the ability to send a “To Do” to another staff member regarding a patient immediately; this eliminates a time lag between taking a message and getting it to the individual who needs the information. With a team of fifteen doctors on staff, each doctor has certain preferences and requirements and this system allows that customization as well as mobile applications.

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