Sunday, December 5, 2010

Holidays and pet safety

Whether you share your home with a large and furry or small and scaley friend, it's important to take special care of their health and safety during the holidays.

PLANTS: Be careful what you place within their reach:  pointsettias, mistletoe, holly and lilies can cause injury to them if ingested.

TREE:  Don't let your pet drink the water from the tree!  Sometimes trees contain fertilizer or preservatives and may harbor bacteria.  Also, don't put aspirin in the water - it could be fatal to your pet.  Pine needles can puncture holes in your pet's intestines, so be faithful in keeping the area free of needles. Be watchful of cords - animals love to chew and could be electrocuted.  Tinsel, when ingested, can cause a block in the intestines, particularly with cats.
It's a good idea to anchor the tree to avoid it getting knocked over, too.

If you suspect your pet has eaten something toxic, call your veterinarian and/or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control's 24-hour emergency hotline at 1-888-4-ANI-HELP.

Wishing you and your beloved pets and happy and safe holiday!