Sunday, February 28, 2021

Non Glare Eyewear Options for Computer & All Around Use

Know about non-glare lenses? If you wear glasses without non-glare getting non-glare on your next pair of glasses would be a game changer. About 9 out of 10 of our patients order non-glare. They provide the clearest vision by eliminating glare for the wearer in circumstances like viewing a white board with overhead light glare, or night driving and starburst glare around headlights. If you purchase premium non-glare they are also good at repelling dirt, water and smudges creating clearer vision because your lenses stay cleaner, longer. Reducing glare will make using digital devices more comfortable and less fatiguing to the eye. If you spend time on the computer or using a digital device, you really should have non-glare on your lenses. There is also a lot of talk about blue light. You encounter blue light from the sun, computer screens, tablets, cell phones, fluorescent light, etc. and there is product available that combines protection from blue light along with the clarity of non-glare. To learn more information about your product options visit us and ask any of our Opticians.

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